Types of drum

The beauty of fibre drums is that they can be custom-designed to meet requirements. Many SEFFI members have created very specific designs in collaboration with their customers, for products ranging from tablets to waste aerosol cans.

In the design process, our members consult the appropriate national and European bodies and relevant regulations.

So the range of fibre drums goes well beyond this list. These are just some of the major product types.

Standard drum, reinforced with metal chimes

Standard fibre drums are light weight and exceptionally strong in the face of crush or impact. Their stability and total opening lids make filling and emptying quick and easy. A wide range of industrial products – such as powders, tablets, granules and pastes – can be packed and transported in standard fibre drums.

Liquid and melt products drums

Liquid product drums are designed with an integrated internal lining to ensure resistance to liquid and semi-liquid products, including organic solvents. The liners also act as a barrier for gases and organic vapours and they allow high fill temperatures.

Melt product drums are specially designed for packing hot melts, compounds, printing inks and various food products, where emptying with a pressure plate is required.

Hazardous products drum (UN certified)

These drums are designed and tested in order to satisfy ADR, RID, ADNR, IMDG and OACI regulations. They are suitable for packaging groups I, II and III (for high, medium and low danger products, respectively).

Weatherproof drum

Externally coated drums with reinforced bases are resistant to the effects of weather and designed to store a wide range of products outdoors. The reinforced base also allows them to be used with drum compactors, to compact waste into the drums for more economic transport

All-fibre drum (mono-material)

These drums are 100% fibre, reducing their cost and weight.  They are ideal for lower value goods, lighter goods, or waste. They can be recycled without any tools, just like a cardboard box.  Some all-fibre drums are also available with UN certification for lighter weights.

Wire and cable drum (with winding core)

Pay-off-pack drums are specifically designed to simplify coiling and uncoiling operations for wires and cables, thus protecting the product. The central core allows continuous feed and avoids tangles, eliminating unnecessary tensions on the wire. The drum can be supplied with an internal tensioning system for the wire and with lifting devices (metal handles and belts or straps), to make handling the container when full easier.

All models of fibre drum can be customised. Options include:

  • Lid and base in paper, plastic, MDF or metal
  • Internal and external linings (PE, silicon, aluminium, other)
  • Internal bag
  • Locking bands and seals for security and tamper evidence
  • External painting, printing or labelling.