Who we are

The Syndicat Européen de l’Industrie des Fûts Fibre (SEFFI), was formed in 1991 by the European fibre drum manufacturers, to promote the benefits of fibre drums and to represent the industry at European and international levels. Over 90% of Western European manufacturers are part of the association, with a combined annual production of over ten million of these strong, sustainable containers.

We also have several associate members, who are stakeholders in the industry and for whom the networking opportunities offered by the association are as beneficial as for us. We welcome contact from other industry stakeholders.

The association meets annually at the combined European Industrial Packaging Association conference and has a board which works throughout the year, in pursuit of our aims and objectives.

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of the association are driven by legislation on handling, transport, recycling and disposal of packaging; and by environmental awareness.

  • To develop useful product standards, to review them whenever feasible, and to promote their use throughout industry.
  • To play a supporting role in development of legislation on packaging, environment, safety and transportation of goods, making recommendations as appropriate.
  • To develop and promote national and European recycling schemes for fibre drums, as well as re-use of both drums and materials.
  • To grow the markets for fibre drums and create wider appreciation and acceptance of the industry’s products and their benefits.