European Fibre Drum Manufacturers

Why use fibre drums?

Fibre drums are an easy-to-handle, durable, value-for-money alternative to plastic or steel barrels. Their performance in safely protecting valuable products in storage and transport has been proven over decades.

They are also a sustainable choice. Using fibre instead of plastic or steel containers contributes to a low-carbon, circular economy in numerous ways.

Fibre drums are light-weight, offering health and safety benefits in the workplace; and lower transport costs. Yet, they are robust enough to meet the demands of the most difficult supply chains. Internal and external liners can be added, to increase their versatility and performance.

Generally, they are sealed with steel chimbs for strength and security. These components are easily separated for recycling. Alternative designs are also available – for example, all-fibre drums, perfect for lighter weight products.

Powering the circular economy

Fibre drums can be re-used, then recycled and repurposed. Their base material, paper, is the most recycled product in the world.

Types of fibre drum

Fibre drums are often custom-designed to suit clients’ supply chain requirements. See examples of the types of product available here.

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Benefits of fibre drums, in a nutshell

  • Low cost alternative to steel or plastic.
  • Sustainable: paper, the main raw material, is a renewable resource.
  • Lighter weight means lower transport costs and less manual handling issues.
  • Suitable for solids, pastes and liquids, dangerous goods, high-value products.
  • Can be stored outside (with liners and coatings added).
  • Can be re-used, easily recycled and incinerated with lower energy use.